The Gun Debate.. My thoughts

I am going to start this post off with this is my opinion on the gun matter in this country and my thoughts on the matter. I do not mean any disrespect towards anyone or any certain group of people. Let me make that clear! Let’s start off by saying this, gun rights are a… Continue reading The Gun Debate.. My thoughts

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Dear Bullies… Read

To the Bullies... I was told today by someone on Instagram that I was nothing but a fat cow and that if I thought for a second I was pretty I was sadly mistaken. This isnt the 1st time ive gotten a mesaage like this or a comment. Ive gotten to the point that I… Continue reading Dear Bullies… Read

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Projects so many projects…

Sometimes I feel like I take on to many projects at one time, but if I don't then I will never finish all of them if I don't start them all at the same time and go back and forth to them all. Project 1: is going to be a pillow Project 2: is a scarf… Continue reading Projects so many projects…

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Today…. 😋

Well, today started well started working on the mess I call my room for starters. Yea has a lot to do left but while I am writing this I am getting my textbook printed out a 244-page textbook! My room is more picked up then it was but getting tired and I have to go… Continue reading Today…. 😋